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The well being and household financial stability of millions of individuals and families is threatened.  The threat is caused by lack of knowledge resulting in poor decision making.  The current problems underscore the urgent need for financial education.

The ongoing economic crisis highlights the importance for individuals and families to have the financial capability to make sound financial decisions.  Indeed, as we have learned from this crisis, the monetary decisions made by individuals and families affect not only their own household financial stability and well-being, but the  health of local, regional and national economies and markets.  The crisis has also illustrated that the fiscal well-being of individuals and families is fundamental to meeting the expectations of the American public, and that a lack of knowledge sufficient to guide one in good decision-making is one barrier that can lower standards of living, limit prosperity, and have long-term negative effects.

Financial success cannot be guaranteed by education alone.  But the lack of education will almost certainly contribute to financial struggles.  It is important for individuals and families to have access to financial education, information, and resources to improve their economic well-being.

Since 2003 CreditWorthy™, a nonprofit financial education organization has helped thousands of people develop and/or improve their financial capability, empowering them to make informed decisions and manage their monetary resources effectively, to achieve financial well-being.  At CreditWorthy™, we believe that making sound decisions and managing personal finances and resources effectively, are made easier when people have a working knowledge of the economy and the impact on their personal lives.  That is why helping people to develop an understanding of money management, personal financeand economic concepts and principals is essential for all.


Sustainable financial well-being for individuals and families. 




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